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Jun 03 2012

Weird, right?

So before we begin this post, I have to introduce another character to the blog who will doubtless be an important player in this story. This person is my best friend from high school and my future roommate in Miami. To sum up very, very quickly (maybe this will be a longer post at some…

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May 26 2012

pre-institute work and inspiration

Before I begin, a short disclaimer (that should be applied to this entire blog but, in particular,  should be kept in mind with this post): I am not an expert. In fact, I am the complete opposite. Something below novice or beginner. So if you ever find yourself thinking “Gee, that bottlecap really knows all…

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May 18 2012

the kick-off

Alright then, let’s do this. Here we go: blog time. Basically, along with the other multitude of 2012 people who have started to pop up here, I have decided to start my very own TFA blog. Obviously. This decision was made for a wide variety of reasons, but primarily I just like writing. I’ve also…

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