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Oct 14 2012

What the…?

This is honestly mindblowing. The mind boggles. It’s Sunday, so naturally I have no time to write about this, but just…. what the hell?

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Oct 10 2012

Victory from Day 1

[Yes, I am aware that is it like... Week 7? 8? Who knows... this is, as always, after the fact...] My One True Victory from Day 1 So I realized that I have failed to mention on this blog perhaps my absolute greatest triumph from Day 1 of teaching. This one small act has probably…

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Sep 29 2012

Quick Observation

(Written a week ago… finally getting around to posting…) So no real time for a real update. But I wanted to pop in and share this one observation. Brief backstory: I love history. Majored in history. Took mostly American history. Mostly African American history. Just straight up love history. If I had my way, I…

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Sep 15 2012

Almost a Month In…

So, after the first week of school, I started writing a blog post about TFA’s “Orientation”- which was basically a district-specific, more concrete set of sessions (and, as usual, I had something to say about it). I feel bad because I think it could’ve been a good post but… I didn’t get it out. And…

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