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Sep 29 2012

Quick Observation

(Written a week ago… finally getting around to posting…)

So no real time for a real update. But I wanted to pop in and share this one observation.

Brief backstory: I love history. Majored in history. Took mostly American history. Mostly African American history. Just straight up love history. If I had my way, I would be teaching American History. Alas, I got English (my second choice so by no means am I seriously complaining about this). But still… history is where it’s at.

Therefore, every chance I get (and some chances I create), I end up talking about history. My kids are starting to get used to these random history interludes and actually seem to be paying attention when I go off on some quick (or not so quick) story of the past. A true TFA-er would say something like “They seem to be invested when I allow my passion to shine.” I will just say: at least they are quiet when I ramble.

Anyway, back to the point, we were reading an article about Malcolm X, so naturally I had gone into a whole brief history of the Civil Rights movement. I started with Brown v. Board and then touched on the Little Rock 9. And then… lots more. (Twas one of my longer rambles).

But I realized as I was talking about the importance of integrating schools and what a huge deal that was and yadda, yadda, yadda, that I was speaking to a class where there was not a single white student present. And then I thought about all my periods and all my students and I realized I don’t teach any white students. A few Hispanic students. No white students. Not a single one.

I realize that this may seem like quite a delayed realization. But it was just one of those things that I knew to some extent, but never really thought about. And as a history major, I learned a lot about the factors that have caused this. But… it still just hit me, you know? And all politics or historical causes or reform movement or… whatever aside, that’s really weird. It’s just a really weird factoid. I teach no white students.

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