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Jun 03 2012

Weird, right?

So before we begin this post, I have to introduce another character to the blog who will doubtless be an important player in this story. This person is my best friend from high school and my future roommate in Miami. To sum up very, very quickly (maybe this will be a longer post at some point), she got into TFA Miami in the third deadline and as I went through the fourth deadline, I made sure to put Miami as my number one in the hope that we would be put in the same place. Over Spring Break (I was in Mexico), I received that lovely acceptance e-mail, and, more importantly, found out I got placed in Miami. Cue an abundance of screaming and jumping up and down. (After a while of this, I finally decided to call my dad and tell him the good news).

For anonymity’s sake, she obviously needs an awesome nickname. Now I could have used the same method I used to pick my username (aka: look at random clutter on desk and pick something), but in the chaos of packing that could have been anything from soap to gum to headphones to deodorant. I figured she might not like those options so much. So, I asked her. Of course, she didn’t have any ideas either so I told her to list items on her desk. Luckily, she has a Pinwheel on her desk, which we both agreed we had a nice ring to it. So, henceforth Pinwheel=my loser roommate.

Anyway, getting finally to the point of this post. Pinwheel and I leave for Induction in Miami tomorrow morning. All week people have asked me how I feel about this and I respond with one of the following: “Should be cool.” “Gonna be a party.” Or, the ever-popular. “Yeah. Weird, right?” Of all of these, the last one captures my thoughts most adequately at the moment.

To begin to explain: Pinwheel, another friend and I wandered into Bed, Bath, and Beyond after lunch earlier this month to look at some preliminary ideas for apartment decorating. Inside, we found this whole line of bathroom stuff (like a toothbrush holder and soap dispenser and stuff like that) which featured bobble-head turtles. Immediately, Pinwheel and I stop, stare, and start poking these things. Silently at first, but then we start to chuckle a little. Then laugh. So here we are. Middle of a store, transfixed by bobble-head turtles. Laughing pretty hard. And still poking whichever slows down too much. Not breaking eye contact with the turtles to look around. This went on longer than I care to admit. Finally, our third friend who was not partaking in the merriment just sighed and went “You two are gonna be teachers?” And that just made us laugh harder. (Though to be fair to us, you don’t see bobble-head turtles on your bathroom accessories every day.)

I feel like I have these moments of disconnect a lot. Say when I’m putting on my Batman converse in the morning. Or making a “that’s what she said joke.” Or watching lots of really stupid (yet hilarious) youtube videos. Or thinking about that fact that the bottle-cap I apparently named myself after belonged to a beer. It’s not even really disconnect. It’s more like “Me? Teacher?….. Nah.”

I don’t know if any other people feel this way, or if everyone else is up and ready to be responsible members of society but to me it is absolutely bizarre that I am going to start work on Monday. And then go to Institute. And most bewildering of all, I will be a teacher. In August. That is really not that far away. Luckily, instead of panicking, I just don’t really believe it. Is this a good thing? I don’t know. But… well, that’s how it is for now.


(Update, as this was actually written last night: Pinwheel and I did make it to Miami! Highlights: the bathrooms at the restaurant (the glass was clear when they were unlocked and then somehow went opaque!), and then we laughed a lot when she spilled a glass of water all over herself. Well, I laughed. She was too busy trying to clean it up while yelling at me for laughing.)

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