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May 18 2012

the kick-off

Alright then, let’s do this. Here we go: blog time.

Basically, along with the other multitude of 2012 people who have started to pop up here, I have decided to start my very own TFA blog. Obviously. This decision was made for a wide variety of reasons, but primarily I just like writing. I’ve also found the blogs super interesting to read as I gradually realized that eventually college would, in fact, end, and due to this unfortunate reality, I would actually have to stop hanging with friends and go to do this thing that I signed up for back in the spring. So I figured I should try to get at least some sort of idea of what this was going to be like. Hence: blog reading. Then I figured this would be a really good way to keep track of my teaching experience. Hence: blog writing. (I know- this is all really radical stuff that’s being thrown around here. Feel free to take a minute.)

A few warnings about this blog: I’m a pretty sarcastic person. I also joke around a lot. So if you read this blog and are like: “Wow. This person is ridiculously mean and should be allowed nowhere near the youth of America”-Know that you are probably right. No, see I’m joking right there. But here’s how I see the breakdown of this blog going: 20% ridiculous statements that you should recognize as ridiculous; 20% sarcastic statements that, again, you should not take seriously; 15% overly dramatic tales of woe used to garner sympathy; 15% rants that lose aforementioned sympathy; 10% stories of my life may or may not have anything to do with teaching; 10% quotes (not inspirational ones, but ones from Zoolander because that’s just actually how I speak in real life); and maybe 10% actually inspiring content about being a teacher. Though, really it’s going to be more like 5% inspiring content and probably 5% straight up lies.

In all seriousness, I promised myself two things about this blog.

  1. It will be informal. I am going to just write pretty much like I talk. Because, frankly, I already don’t have time to make this sound all polished, academic, and formal-sounding. I don’t see this lack of time changing any time soon.
  2. It will be honest (95%  at least). If I want to get on here and rant about TFA, or teaching or crazy things or I don’t know… life, then I will. I’m not going to try to hide my bad moods with inspirational flowery stuff. Don’t get too worried- I generally find the funny stuff of life before getting into a really bad mood so I don’t plan on going freaking nuts on here. But I also believe that a person really goes crazy when they force themselves to end every rant with “Oh, but I really do love my life!” Don’t go back on your own rant!  Accept the rant and then move past it.

So, to summarize: If you want inspirational messages (which for the record, I have nothing against, I just can’t write ‘em), you’ve clicked on the wrong blog. The purpose of this blog, you ask? Well… I’m not sure yet. I’m writing for me and for fun. You can tell me what you get out of it.

I realize this post is already too long. There is probably no one reading it anymore, if there were any people to start with. So I’ll keep this short and expand on it when I sucker you guys into to reading another post. Basically: I’m a recent college grad (recent here means: last Sunday) and I don’t like thinking I have my life all figured out since I’m only 22, but I could see myself teaching for a very long time- provided I don’t become a safari guide, NFL coach, or trick someone into paying me to write novels (I like to keep my options open).  Basically, I plan on teaching for more than two years. (Yes, I realize this is a stupid thing to put on the record. When I burnout and declare I will never speak to children again at the end of this, feel free to point and laugh and stupid, naïve, idiotic past-me. I know I will be.)

Well, I’ve rambled enough for now. More thoughts on actual important things (pre-institute work, TFA, the Phillies, etc.) coming up. Hopefully.

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